Title: Breathe (Instrumental)

Artist: Taylor Swift

Played: 109 times

"They call it DIVERGENT.”


'When he touches me, I feel like everywhere his skin meets mine is charged by the connection. It sends a thrill through my stomach. Not just fear. Something else, too.
A wanting.’ 
- Divergent, Chapter 31

You die, I die too.

Title: Beating Heart

Artist: Ellie Goulding

Played: 8989 times


fixed it


"I might be in love with you. I’m waiting until I’m sure to tell you though."
"That’s sensible of you. We should find some paper so you can make a list or chart of something."
"Maybe I’m already sure and just don’t want to frighten you."
"Then you should know me better."
"Fine. Then I love you."

We have each other’s backs, and I think a lot of our chemistry stems from that.

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Theo James + playing with his shirt